How Prepare Test Plan?

How Prepare Test Plan?
December 30 10:00 2014  

Test plan is an integral part of any software testing. It should be elaborated for every web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing and take into account the project peculiarities, budget and schedule, and the customers’ wishes.

Though every test plan must be unique, all of them have certain chapters and pay attention to certain issues.

A Test Plan Should Contain:

  • General information about the project like the project name, author and date of test plan.
  • Short description of the tested system, its functions.
  • Tasks and goals of the testing process.
  • Scope of the project; that is what functions, parts and aspects of the software product are to be tested.
  • Testing strategy. It usually comprises unit testing, integration testing and system testing. Acceptance testing is performed at the end, and the decision about the software release is made based on its results. Beta testing is also included in a project.
  • Description of the test platforms and test environments.
  • Schedule of the testing process.
  • Terms and requirements to error reports.
  • The list and short description of tools that will be used during testing.
  • Names of testers responsible for execution the tests mentioned in the test plan.
  • The project risks.

Such aspects are commonly included in a test plan, but it may also have other information about the project.

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