How to Establish Good Communication in QA Team?

How to Establish Good Communication in QA Team?
July 13 10:00 2012  

If you have a role in software testing team, you will spend some time operating with the development department, project management team and with other testers in a particular software testing company.

It is sometimes easy to become more involved with members of other teams than with members of your own software testing group.

Maintaining affable relations and good communication with other testers can be not so easy to perform, but whether we want it or not it is indispensable.

If there are some modifications in a process, software testers need to be informed about that. Depending on the company rules, employees may or may not be rewarded for sharing information.

Sharing tools, software testing techniques, or software product information is critical to being a professional.

It happens so that some persons hoard information to permit themselves to surpass their colleagues. Sometimes it may work, but it does not further their professionalism or the discipline of software testing.

Everybody knows that good relations make for better communication. Knowing what to expect from others members of the team and what they are expecting from you helps to grow strong and reliable software testing team.

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