How Increase Mobile Testing Effectiveness

How Increase Mobile Testing Effectiveness
June 06 10:00 2014  

Testing became an integral part of any software development process. Success of the constructed application in production greatly depends upon properly executed mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

A lot of techniques, methods and approaches enhancing efficiency of testing activities have been worked out. But still many experienced and novice software testers wonder how to find all the serious errors for a short time.

Problems more often happen in course of mobile application testing, as mobile software products have a set of features that are absent in desktop systems. Unfortunately, these features are often left out of consideration by testers. This is one of the reasons of existence so many mobile programs of poor quality.

Some Experts in Mobile Testing Enhance Efficiency of Testing Works in This Wise:

  1. They always remember peculiarities of mobile technology; they plan and execute manual and automated testing considering the peculiarities.
  2. They focus more on testing works than on documents creation.
  3. They always carefully study end-users of the program under test; in what manner, for what purposes and where the users will interact with the system.
  4. They utilize known thinking instruments for generating ideas for testing, combine various approaches and methods, and elaborate their own.

Any software testing company would agree that these advices are sagacious.

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