Performance Testing Without Automation Tools and Skills

Performance Testing Without Automation Tools and Skills
August 07 10:00 2014  

Performance is one important characteristics of any program. Performance standards have become very high, especially for mobile software products. Fierce competition between software producers encourages this process.

That is why any software testing company recommends paying due attention to performance issues during web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing.

Software performance depends on many processes and conditions. This makes thorough performance testing a complex procedure, in particular for mobile applications because they depend on more aspects and conditions than desktop software products.

As a rule, performance is checked by specialists in automated testing as some skills in programming are required for this work.

But certain performance aspects of a mobile or desktop program can be checked manually, without special tools.

In Order to Perform Simple Performance Testing Without Special Instruments and Automation One Needs:

  • a device on which the tests are to be executed;
  • a timer with the help of which duration of the application operations can be measured.

A tester should install the application and work with it as a user. In course of the interaction, one should notice what processes and operations perform too slowly. It is wise to measure how much time is needed for the slow operations and include this information in the reports.

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