Mobile Testing: why report every delay?

Mobile Testing: why report every delay?
August 12 10:00 2014  

Thorough load testing of a modern software product is significant and vast task. It should be given due consideration in course of every mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

Usually performance issues are detected by means of various automated testing instruments. Performance standards are very high in case of mobile programs. A lot of processes must be executed immediately; many actions must be done simultaneously with the requests.

The acceptable delays are very short, in particular in mobile software products. The user shouldn’t perceive some of them, otherwise they cause inconveniences and are considered to be defects.

Performance issues are closely related to usability. If a program operates slowly, it is inconvenient and confusing. That is why some performance defects can be found manually, during ordinary usage of the program under test.

A software testing company advises reporting any delays found while interacting with a mobile program. Programmers have different instruments and methods for removing them.

It is wise to get rid of stops and delays in functioning of a mobile system, as users are impatient with mobile software and even little, seeming insignificant delays, lasting a few seconds can result in decreasing popularity of the mobile application.

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