Why are Software Testers Disliked by Others?

Why are Software Testers Disliked by Others?
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Most people used to taking no notice of those, who perform mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing.

Their hard work is seldom mentioned and taken into account when a software development process is discussed.

The Main Reasons of Underestimating of Software Test Engineers Are:

  • their work is considered to be insignificant and subordinate to writing programs;
  • due to the peculiarity of manual or automated testing they find defects in the work of other project parties, in particular in work of the developers and project managers; nobody likes to be criticized.

So, it appears that testers suffer from the negative attitude to their occupation. A lot of developers and project managers believe that if testers search defects in their work, they are quarrelsome and repellent individuals.

The same way unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing are often treated. Programmers are convinced that there is nothing to improve in their code as they do their best.

As a result, often too little time and money are reserved on testing efforts, managers try to save resources and advance the application release in the prejudice of testing.

The described position of affairs, beliefs and approaches are totally wrong. Test engineers should not only execute their duties in the best possible way, but also try to dispel negative illusions about them and their occupation.

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  1. Michael Larsen
    February 26, 14:59 #1 Michael Larsen

    Had this been written ten years ago, i might have been inclined to agree with it. Nowadays, however, there is significant opportunity within software testing, and at least in the environments I have been working, I’ve been able to work well with and not deal with negative attitudes about what I do as a software tester.

    Having said that, the way people interact with you or your role says much more about *you* personally (or *me* personally) than it does about what we do. Software testing goes way beyond “finding fault in others work”, and if this is the attitude we bring to our interactions, then yes, I would not be surprised that the interactions are negative. I do not approach testing in this manner. Instead, I am an information conduit. I let people know about potential issues and risks, and interactions I witness. I then let those who are in positions to make decisions make those decisions. Believe me, that one change makes all the difference.

    For those who feel that testing is negative or looked down upon, my first recommendation is that of “physician, heal thyself”.

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  2. Santhosh Tuppad
    February 26, 12:51 #2 Santhosh Tuppad

    Argh, crap! Testers don’t find defects in others work, but
    software. People tend to take things personally instead of taking them
    as a team. Together we rock! Its not testers who have negative attitude,
    its those people who have negative attitude who think testers work is
    of negative attitude. Testers are here to test the software better and their job is not about removing myths from others. You seriously need some better understanding about the role of a tester instead of preaching some non-sense. Period.

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