How to Write Resume for a QA Position?

How to Write Resume for a QA Position?
October 20 13:05 2014  

A lot of people apply with the same resume to many vacant positions. This is one of the main reasons of refuses. One should send the resume written to a particular position in a software testing company; it will give the recruiter belief in you. If the CV is a standard one, you’ve got a great possibility to be ignored.

It’s better to customize the resume to each vacancy and focus on 5 vacancies instead of 50. This way one has more chances to be invited for an interview and hired.

If an applicant is a novice in testing and has no experience, it’s a good idea to find and perform some training projects. Doesn’t matter how big the project is, the main idea is to get some experience in mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

One Can Try to Perform:

Any kind of software testing will be a plus.

It is wise to ask a professional test engineer to evaluate the work and results.

It’s good for a novice tester to have at least some experience. Work at training projects is better than nothing; it gives advantages over those, who have no experience at all.

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