What are Important Aspects of Test Data Management?

What are Important Aspects of Test Data Management?
December 22 10:00 2014  

Well-organized management of test data is essential for efficiency of software testing. If test data are poorly managed, the testing process may take too much time and resources or even produce useless results.

It is recommended thinking over in details how the test data will be maintained and processed.

Among Significant Aspects of Test Data Management Are:

  • the process of taking the data from the source database;
  • adapting the data in order to make them compliant with the local and international laws, not to reveal any user sensitive data and so on;
  • the process of loading the data into the target database.

One also should keep in mind that different types of testing require different amount and variations of test data. For example, unit testing and integration testing usually require relatively small amount of test data with little variation. System testing needs more data than unit and integration testing. Exploratory testing assumes utilization a lot of data of different types.

Amount and variation of test data depend on software complexity and functionality as well. The more different data are used, the more difficult to manage them manually. Experts in manual and automated testing advise utilizing special instruments for this purpose as the data quantity is often huge.

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