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Test Data: Handle It like It’s Precious

Test data is used by every software tester. For example, it can be a set of fake data prepared by testers to check the expected behavior of the software or

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5 Tips to Build Effective Test Data Strategy

In a software testing company, the term “test data” usually means data used for testing of a particular product. Each software tester knows that test data and a product under

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The Range of the Most Basic Test Data

Often there are cases when developers resort to the software testing company with a project for which there is no test data. Each tester must be able to create such

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Familiarity With Testing Data

After the software testing company received a project and all the necessary documents for verification, the tester begins his work. But many people mistakenly believe that such a work lies

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What are Important Aspects of Test Data Management?

Well-organized management of test data is essential for efficiency of software testing. If test data are poorly managed, the testing process may take too much time and resources or even

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