A New Portion of False Statements about Testing

A New Portion of False Statements about Testing
April 18 07:16 2016  

Throughout the entire professional life, a software tester hears lots and lots of different misconceptions about testing – from classic ones to quite weird ones.

Wrong ideas about software testing service often arise due to lack of knowledge. Sometimes the reason is deeper – testers are just not respected enough by managers and developers working in their QA company.

What False Statements Can Still Be Heard by Testers?

  • A tester’s job is only to run test cases.
  • Severity of bugs is determined based on time remaining until release.
  • Only cheap-to-fix glitches can be considered as bugs.

All of these are wrong. First of all, if testers just execute test cases, then who creates those test cases? It is a bad idea to let testers only execute test cases but not participate in their creation.

Second of all, the closer the release date gets, the more things make testers, managers and customers feel nervous. But that doesn’t mean that the close proximity of release date is the only one thing that determines the severity of bugs found during manual testing or automated testing.

Thirdly, it is wrong to think that if some bugs founded during load testing require considerable financial resources to get fixed, then it is not a bug but a new requirement or change request. In fact, a bug is always a bug, no matter how much money you spend on getting rid of it.


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