Tools for Complex Client-Server Testing

Tools for Complex Client-Server Testing
December 08 06:23 2016  

The products of various client-server architectures require the checking of different aspects and system elements. It is quite complex and time-consuming procedure, and testers use special tools that help them to provide a high-level quality of the testing processes.

First of all, the specialists should ensure the proper functioning of both the client side and server side. For this purpose, they conduct server testing, client-side security testing, client side performance testing, etc. Besides that, there are

To run all necessary client-side scripts, a test team uses the tools appropriate for a certain checking type. The choice of a testing tool depends on the product specifics, client’s requirements, available time, etc.

What Tools Can Be Used for Client-Server Testing?

  • Functional test automation: HP QTP, Selenium, Sahi, Fitnesse and others. But it is impossible to reach a 100% test coverage with the help of automation. That is why it is recommended to add several manual test cases.
  • UI testing: Watir, WaitN, Test Studio, TestComplete, iMacros, eggPlant, etc. User interface testing is conducted to check the proper operating of the client system to send requests to the server system.
  • Security testing: WAP (Web Application Protection), HCE (HTML Comment Software), Gendarme, CROSS (Code Nomicon Robust Open Source Software), Nessus, OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual), Wireshark, etc.
  • Browser compatibility testing: Spoon, Sauce Labs, Ghostlab, BrowserStack, Browsera, Mogotest, Litmus, TestingBot, BrowseEmAll, etc.
  • Performance testing: JMeter, LoadRunner, WebLOAD, LoadUI, NeoLoad, ClounTest, OpenSTA, WAPT, Loadster, QEngine, etc.
  • Stress/load testing: Siege, BlazeMeter, Blitz, Test Studio, Login VSI, Gatling, etc.

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