How to Select Tets Management Tool?

How to Select Tets Management Tool?
July 25 07:12 2016  

When it comes to mobile application testing, comprehensive test strategy is a must.

Complexity of mobile software products compels managers to thoroughly plan the test coverage and other aspects of testing. To do this, having several Google Docs or Excel spreadsheets is not enough. For a self-respecting software testing company, release of a high-quality product implies usage of solid test management tool.

What Activities Should Be Covered by Test Management Tool?

  • With a good test management tool, it should be convenient to formulate product requirements, make estimates of time needed for the product development and testing.
  • The tool should allow a manager to plan and create tests based on defined requirements.
  • Using the tool, a manager needs to plan testing activities that don’t have formulated requirements. For example, this can be useful for exploratory testing.
  • The tool should also cover the management of performance testing and user experience testing.
  • The convenient test management tool should be able to track and record the amount of time spent on each test. It is needed for more precise estimation of future test runs.
  • With the tool, test managers need to have a possibility to link found bugs to the corresponding requirements and tests. This will help to determine the tests and requirements that need to be modified.

This information is suitable not just for mobile testing but for many other activities, for example, website testing.

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