Types of Software Testing

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What Is WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)? 0

Wireless networking has become very popular and many people were and still are not interested in the way the data is sent through the air and how this information can

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Unit vs Integration vs Functional Testing 0

There are various types of software testing and the QA specialists should be aware of their specific features and different peculiarities. If the test is engaged in mobile testing, then

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Briefly about System Testing 0

The procedure of system checking is connected with unit, integration and acceptance testing. System testing is conducted in order to check functional and nonfunctional requirements to the system as a unique

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Security Testing Tools 0

Nowadays, security of personal and corporate data plays an important role. And a huge attention is paid to thorough penetration testing, security testing, access control testing, etc. To check whether

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Types of Regression Testing 0

While checking a particular software product, QAs perform different types of tests: automated test scripts, unit test cases, suites for system testing, load tests, etc. But beside that, testers can also conduct several

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Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing 0

Sanity testing is conducted after a build with fixed bugs and modified code is received. Its aim is to make sure that the functionality operates properly. This software testing type

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