Crisis Management

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Five Things for Tech Business to Win in a Crisis

To set effective workflow in your company is just half the battle. The most complicated part is “to run the marathon.” Especially during unforeseen circumstances that prescribe the direction of

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Keep the Business Operating Remotely: Guides and Hints From COO

Considering the specific circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, one should think about saving business and keeping it operating remotely. But how to set this process correctly? Having 15-years of

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How to stay optimistic and lead your company out of a crisis?

During a crisis everyone becomes powerless. Old rules and procedures that kept our coherence in place turn out to be ineffective. Stacking in the middle of uncertainty, we capitulate and

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Digital Transformation: What you need to know to succeed in 2020

Today’s realities of crisis not only show to business society how fragile are all processes built before but also prove the necessity for every sphere to shift online in order

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Outsourcing: Save your budget during a crisis caused by COVID-19

COVID-19 came as a black swan creating mayhem not only in the IT-sphere but also in businesses of all kinds. From slumping sales to transition to remote work worldwide, CEOs

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