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Load and Performance Testing in Agile 0

The Agile methodology is all about speed and velocity. Therefore, it is surprising that load testing and performance testing are often executed only at the end of development process. In

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Tester in Agile Team: Areas of Expertise 0

Seasoned expert of software testing always knows (or quickly finds out) what to do and how to do it. A software testing company expects testers to have a wide area

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Implementing Continuous Testing in Agile 0

The Agile methodology implies continuous delivery of fully functioning software portions. A reasonable question appears: If the development process is continuous, shouldn’t the software testing process be continuous as well?

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How to Reprogram a Mindset before Accepting Agile Principles? 0

Prior to plunging into Agile, a software testing company should forget a bunch of rules typical for traditional practices. What Traditional Principles Should Be Unlearned? Before its execution and completion,

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Being a Test Lead in Agile: Role and Responsibilities 0

Note: this article was updated in October 2019. Every department feels a need – the need for the Leads. Someone, who’s skillful and brave enough for big responsibility in great

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Agile or Not: Tips to Determine a Team’s Approach to Product Development 0

In a software testing company, everyone knows that the Agile methodology is an antipode to the Waterfall methodology. However, it doesn’t mean that if software testing service is not provided

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