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What Is LoadUI? 0

Usually, while executing performance testing, load testing or stress checking, the test team uses special tools that simplify and make the checking process faster and more effective. There are various

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Load and Performance Testing in Agile 0

The Agile methodology is all about speed and velocity. Therefore, it is surprising that load testing and performance testing are often executed only at the end of development process. In

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Non-Functional Testing: Load and Stress 0

Each software testing lab has a choice: create tests from the ground up or use a specialized tool that can significantly help with that. This is true not only for

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Load Testing: When Timing Is Everything 0

In a software testing company, experts’ views on the approach to load testing are usually divided. Some testers prefer executing functional testing and performance testing in as realistic environment as

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Combination of Load, Performance and Agility 0

For software product testing specialists, the Agile methodology has proved to be productive a long time ago. Performed as a part of this methodology, performance testing and load testing can

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5 Ways to Prepare the File Server to High Load 0

It is a good sign for a company when its servers become so busy that they hang and crash. It usually means that the company’s products are very popular. Load

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