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Testing of Mobile Apps with Accessories

Modern devices can work with many various accessories enhancing user experience and simplifying interaction with devices. That is why one cannot ignore them performing mobile testing, desktop testing and web

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What Bugs Can Be Found During Gesture Tour?

Testing tours are among widely used approaches to web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing. There are many types of them. One of the efficient approaches to mobile

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How to Start Mobile Testing?

It may seem confusing and hard for testers-beginners to start mobile, desktop or web site testing. Experienced testers advice to remember that one of the productive ways of software testing

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Android Application Testing Framework – Hello World Tutorial

Hello, Testing Android offers a powerful but easy-to-use testing framework that is well integrated with the SDK tools. Because writing tests is an important part of any development effort, this

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Mobile App Testing: Know Your User

Note: this article was updated in August 2019. The high competition in the mobile app market is a challenge for every Product Owner. The main goal is to catch users’

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