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PM, POM, Project Manager, QA Lead, Team Lead: Who are all these people?

IT is one of the most dynamically developing and promising sector. There is a wide spectrum of IT jobs on the market, and very often representatives of the same profession

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TOP 10 Best Time Tracking Software of 2019

Did you know that on average a person spends almost 9 years watching TV, about 7 years trying to fall asleep, and 3 years are spent on social media? As

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How to Create Efficient QA Team in Startup

‘Effective QA team in a startup? Really? Startups usually worry how not to fail during the first year. As for the high quality of the software, and the team that

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Kanban in Software Testing: Tips on its Effective Use

People familiar with the software development lifecycle definitely heard about the Kanban methodology. Some challenges may arise while adapting this method to a definite sphere. If you understand the basics

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Management in Software Testing

There are a lot of recommendations and tips to manage the testing process itself. A lot of useful information is available for everyone. But there are some difficulties of managing

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