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How to Create Efficient QA Team in Startup

‘Effective QA team in a startup? Really? Startups usually worry how not to fail during the first year. As for the high quality of the software, and the team that

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How to Estimate Test Effort More Accurately

Before starting working on a project, a specialist from software testing company, as well as other project participants, should estimate assigned tasks. The more accurately it is done, the higher

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Accurate Test Estimation: Measure Thrice and Cut Once

Before starting testing a new product, a specialist from QA company is often asked to estimate an effort required for sufficient verification of a product’s functionality. Unfortunately, even experienced testers often face

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What Should be Evaluated During Testing?

Proper control is among the key factors of success of any process. Web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing should also be properly controlled. Good control of a

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How to Allocate Resources to Software Testing?

In spite of considerable expenditures, time and efforts required on delivering a software product, many applications are of low quality, some fail in production, some turn out to be economically

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