27% of Software Testing Groups Don’t Use a Bug Tracker

27% of Software Testing Groups Don’t Use a Bug Tracker
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New Data Research by Testuff Shows That 27% of Test Management Tool Users Rely on Email as a Bug Tracker. Paid Solutions FogBugz (Fog Creek) and Jira (Atlassian), Next on the List With 20% and 16%

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Testuff Ltd. (http://www.testuff.com), a provider of on-demand services for managing and executing manual and automation software tests, and for reporting defects, has today released a series of bug tracker tools usage statistics, based on information found on the company’s large database.

In the data research the company holds, some interesting, and perhaps even surprising, numbers were found. One notable statistic is no doubt the percentage of users who are still working with their Email application as a bug tracking solution. Unlike the common belief, it seems that many users in the testing industry choose to work with a test management system, even before they have a bug tracker.

The industry’s belief that – in a company’s tools selection process – the bug tracker is selected prior to the test management tool, is therefore untrue for over 1/4 of users.

According to Testuff Ltd’s findings, the two other top solutions on the list are the paid solutions FogBugz and Jira, with 20% and 16% of users opting for these respectively. Only then do the open source solutions (and other paid solutions) appear, with the highest reaching only about 1/3 of these numbers. This is quite surprising, as many of the open source solutions have a high profile online presence, and it was thought that they capture a larger audience than the data now shows.

One possible explanation for this, is the fact that for many, these open-source solutions are not free, as they are serviced as hosted solutions.

Another conclusion to be drawn from the data is that SaaS solutions are favoured by bug tracker users more than before, following the global SaaS trend.

About Testuff

Testuff Ltd. was established in January 2007 with the purpose of creating better tools and services for the software quality assurance (QA) community. Testuff is a privately held company operating from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

For more information about Testuff or to download the company test management tool please visit http://www.testuff.com

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