The Classification of Kinds of Software Testing

The Classification of Kinds of Software Testing
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What is “testing”? The book Meshcheryakova MS “Software Testing” is given two definitions of this term:

1. Testing is a process of detecting errors in software
2. Testing is a technical study to obtain information related to the quality of the product being tested.

The Classification of Kinds of Software Testing

Wikipedia also “knows” only the second definition, which is just slightly differently worded: “Software Testing is the process of research of software with the purpose of obtaining information about a product,” Well, personally I like more (probably because it’s easier) the first definition.

According to Wikipedia, there are distinguish the following types of testing:

By the object of testing:

load testing
stress testing
testing of the stability (stability / endurance / soak testing)

By the knowledge of the system:

  • Testing the black box
  • Testing the white box
  • Testing the grey box

According to the degree of automation:

According to the degree of isolation components:

  • Component (unit) testing
  • Integration testing
  • System / end-to-end testing

By the time of testing:

By the basis of positive scenario:

  • Positive testing
  • Negative testing

By the degree of preparedness to be tested:

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  • Radha

    I believe both definitions are apt.Testing is not just finding out bugs. Performance testing, Security testing, Compatibility etc are done not with the purpose of finding out errors. It is a study done to find out the quality of the product in terms of how secure is the product or how well does it perform under certain conditions.