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Why QA Companies Use the Offshore-onsite Model 0

Globalization has reached different spheres of life and IT is not an exception. Each business tries to reduce costs and derive more benefit. To reach these aims, the companies apply

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When Apply to Software Testing Company? 0

Defect prevention actions including different methods and techniques are very useful at the beginning of the software development process because they enable to find and fix software bugs before they

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What to Choose: an Outsourcing Software Testing Company or In-house Test Team? 0

Outsourcing software testing companies can be helpful and profitable for system in general and software project in particular. Classes of Software Testing Which are Better to Outsource: – Web site

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Bugs in Software Products 0

Nowadays, the service of software testing and outsourcing testing becomes very popular. Software testing company realizes testing to verify the expected performance. Software testing allows improving the quality of the

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“Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”: The volume of IT outsourcing services provided in Ukraine has grown by a factor ten 0

Over the last eight years, the volume of software development and IT outsourcing services the Ukraine has provided has grown by a factor ten, according to the “Exploring Ukraine. IT

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What is the Difference Between Offshoring and Outsourcing? 0

As it turned out these things are completely different. Outsourcing is when a company gives a part of its work to affiliates or to other companies, geographically located in the

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