Usability Testing

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What Aspects Should Be Taken into Account During Usability Testing? 0

Mobile devices are designed for work in different places, under various conditions. They are utilized for diverse purposes. Modern mobile phones and tablets are portable computers. Due to portability they

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What Should be Considered During Testing of Software with Multiple Device Support? 0

Users of software products are very creative. They interact with applications and work with devices in a manner that they find handy. A software testing company informs that sometimes the

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What Aspects Should Be Considered During Usability Testing? 0

At present usability is of outmost importance for any software product, for mobile applications, in particular. In order to perform qualitative usability testing it is wise to engage users in

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How to Create Suitable User Models if There is no Possibility to Research the Application Users? 0

Experienced testers know that a software testing process is much more efficient if user models are used. So, creation of suitable user models should be an integral part of any

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What Stories for Test Scenarios Should Be Like? 0

Nowadays software products are complex multifunctional smart systems. That is why any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing demands creative approach besides standard testing activities. Ability to

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What for are User Models Utilized During Usability Testing? 0

Nowadays usability testing is a significant part of every testing process. Without it a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing will be incomplete. It is known that

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