How to Improve the Performance of Your Software?

How to Improve the Performance of Your Software?
November 14 10:00 2012  

The aim of any type of software testing is identification and elimination of faults. Although most of the bugs will be unique for every new project, there are those that would be typical for the most of software products your software testing company will deal with.

How to Eliminate the Most Typical Software Problems?

  • Round-trips and data flow minimization. Reduce the size of the transmitted graphics, use server and client side caching in order to improve the software performance.
  • Distributed architecture application. Task distribution on several machines helps you to keep the performance balanced.
  • Additional power supplies. You cannot predict or prevent the emergency situations when your software developing or software testing company will have no power in the office, but you can make plans how to handle these problems. Remember that for some software products sudden power loss may be crucial.
  • After-deployment monitoring. Performance testing is an important part of product life cycle. When you give your software the maximum possible load you can trace what the service looks like just before it falls down.
  • The common mistake of many companies is lack of communication between software developers and software testers. This may lead to the decrease of software quality.
  • Simplification of software design. The simpler your design is from the very beginning the easier it will be for you to maintain it. Besides, this is a plus for software usability.

When conducted in a right way, performance testing can prove to be very useful and rewarding for your software.

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