Professional Qualities to Consider During Testers Review

Professional Qualities to Consider During Testers Review
February 18 10:00 2015  

It is known that periodic reviews play a key role in career development of test engineers. Those, who learned to carry out mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing more efficiently, get a promotion, more responsibilities and more complex tasks.

So, one should not only carefully search software bugs, but master new techniques, best practices and instruments utilized in course of manual and automated testing.

As a Rule, During Periodic Reviews Such Issues are Considered to be Important:

  • whether the tester is good in finding critical errors;
  • whether he or she writes informative, unambiguous error reports;
  • whether the tester writes good test cases and does not overlook any significant aspects of the application;
  • whether he or she works effectively and automates repetitive, monotonous actions executing user interface testing, compatibility testing, localization testing or other testing work.

Not only test engineers’ work is reviewed. A software testing company also regularly evaluates skills of its QA leads.

Assessing a QA Lead, Reviewers Pay Attention to the Next Characteristics:

  • ability to plan and schedule a project;
  • ability to allocate tasks between the team members;
  • ability to manage a software testing process;
  • ability to motivate the team members;
  • ability to guide and teach less experienced colleagues.

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