Why Describe Deployment Process in Release Notes?

Why Describe Deployment Process in Release Notes?
May 12 10:00 2015  

Modern software products are large, complex, multilevel systems. Their construction and load testing, security testing, functional testing, and so on require much time and efforts.

Testers must prepare the proper environment and correctly deploy the system in order to test and produce reliable error reports. Some instructions from the development team are often needed for this.

Experts in manual and automated testing usually ask the programmers to provide a release note together with a new system build. The release note should include a description of the system functionality and process of deploying the system on the test server if it is a web software product.

Testers may give a template of the release note to the developers. Such a template includes all the important aspects that must be in the release note.

Description of Deploying a Web Application Can Contain Such Points:

  • how to deploy the required web server (Apache, IIS, nginx, GWS, etc.) on the test computers;
  • how to deploy the needed databases (MySQL, Oracle, Sybase or other);
  • how to create or import test data for the web software testing; the test data can be generated; real system data can also be used during web site testing, but sensitive information should be hidden.

One shouldn’t forget that test environment for different types of testing require different settings.

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