iOS Testing Frameworks

iOS Testing Frameworks
December 12 06:33 2016  

iOS devices become more and more popular year by year. A lot of different software products are developed on iOS and all they need to be tested. Game testing, web and desktop apps testing – everything is done to maintain the success and a high quality of iOS products.

To make the process of software development faster without the reduction of its quality, some open-source tools and frameworks for designing auto tests are created. Thus, iOS testing takes less time and sometimes requires fewer expenses than manual testing.

What Frameworks Are Used for iOS Testing?

  • Appium is a very flexible framework and it can be used for both iOS and Android testing. It is suitable for native, hybrid and web apps. Besides that, Appium supports mobile testing (due to JSONWireProtocol).
  • XCTest is used to test both real iOS devices and simulators. With its help, it is possible to create test cases for any product component at every level. XCTest supports UI testing.
  • Calabash is a cross-platform framework for iOS and Android apps. The tests are created in Cucumber. They are written in a form of spec. Thus, they can be easily understood by everyone.
  • Earlgrey was developed by Google to test iOS native apps. It resembles Espresso very much.
  • Jest is used together with Jasmine (a behavior-driven framework) to check JavaScript code. A test case begins with describe() function call. It has 2 parameters – title and function.
  • UI Automation was developed by Apple. Test cases are created in JavaScript, adhering to a defined API.

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