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Performance Testing Without Automation Tools and Skills 0

Performance is one important characteristics of any program. Performance standards have become very high, especially for mobile software products. Fierce competition between software producers encourages this process. That is why

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Performance Testing of a Mobile Web Program 0

Mobile testing, as well as desktop testing and web site testing, usually includes checking of many aspects. The main aspects are usability, proper operation on the selected platforms, security, performance

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Why to Pay Attention to Mobile Web Software? 0

Now web technology is widely utilized in mobile software products. Mobile web programs and web sites have become extremely popular. According to the researches, at present more than half of

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Mobile Hybrid Software Products: pros and cons 0

Native and web software products are constantly competing. Their producers combine, improve and adjust divers best practices and techniques in order to create mobile or desktop software with excellent performance,

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What are Advantages Mobile Programs? 0

Mobile technology is actively developing now. Mobile software engineers adjust and combine existing methods and instruments, and create the new ones in order to produce the best mobile programs that

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Why May Mobile Web Programs Surpass Native Ones? 0

Many various mobile programs are available now. A software testing company can confirm that today native mobile software products are superior to web based ones in many aspects. Web site

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