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3 Popular Types of Mobile Applications 0

Information technology has become complex and sophisticated. One should spend years in order to study its processes and principles of work. At the same time a child can take tablet

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What to Check During Mobile Web Software Testing? 0

Mobile and desktop software products have some specific features and significant distinctions. That is why web site testing and program testing on personal computers significantly differs from mobile application testing.

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Compatibility Testing of Mobile Web Program 0

Compatibility testing plays an important role in web site testing. If a web application is supposed to work in one operating system, there are still many devices where the operating

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Problems with Mobile Devices Usage 0

It is common knowledge that much fewer resources are available on smartphones and tablets than on personal computers. One may notice performing mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site

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What Deteriorates Quality Of Mobile Web Software? 0

Modern web technology allows to create complex, user friendly and multifunctional software. But in fact, any web site or web application appears to be one or several web pages that

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Common Usability Defects Of Mobile Software 0

Mobile technology is very different from desktop technology. Mobile devices have a lot of features that are uncharacteristic to personal computers. So, in course of usability testing of mobile software

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