Automated Testing

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How to Automate of Customer Tests? 0

It is known that software products are used for various purposes and involve domain knowledge from various fields. Programmers may have surface knowledge about the application domain, its rules. They

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Why is it Necessary to Refactor Automated Tests? 0

It is known that during test-driven development writing of a small part of code is followed by verifying this part by means of automated tests that are prepared beforehand. This

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How to Increase Efficiency of Automated Testing? 0

Any modern software development process includes both manual and automated testing. Automated tests are sometimes incorporated in the development process, during test-driven development, for example. So, they are used both

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Automated Tests Refactoring vs Common Software Refactoring 0

Refactoring has become an integral part of creating programs. It helps to streamline the code and makes it understandable. Web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing prove that refactoring

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Automated Testing During Test-Driven Development 0

Automation is widely used during web site testing, desktop testing, mobile application testing. Automated tests are sensitive to various changes in the system and require lots of efforts for keeping

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Why Modern Automation Tools Are Far From Being Perfect 0

Since 1950s software products began rapid evolution; various programming languages appeared one by one. Programs and computers became more complex and powerful. Automated testing has been actively utilized for a

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