Compatibility Testing of Mobile Software

Compatibility Testing of Mobile Software
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Performing mobile testing as well as desktop and website testing it is necessary to see how the tested system operates on various devices, platforms, with different software.

Nowadays there are a great deal of tablets, smartphones and mobile phones. Mobile devices of various manufacturers have different sizes and characteristics, diverse operation systems are installed on them. Besides, users work with different browsers and various applications for diverse purposes.

That is why a software testing company usually insists on executing compatibility testing in course of a mobile testing.

In Order to Perform Proper Compatibility Testing of a Mobile Program it is Necessary:

  • To check how the application operates on mobile devices from different manufacturers. One should take at least several devices of known manufacturers.
  • To test how the software works on widely spread mobile operating systems.
  • To see how the program looks on devices with big and small screens. On screens with various sizes the application may look quite differently, something important may be missing on a small screen and there may be too much free space between objects on the big one.
  • To observe how the application functions with different wireless technologies, indoors and outdoors, during unfavorable weather conditions and so on.

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