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Before release: How focus testing helped to reveal critical bugs

How can independent testing save your project budget? Is it possible to get along without QA? What can be found

QA for Mobile Banking: Security is not all you have to handle

How do you test the login process to your mobile banking application? You may think that clients can only enter

Weaknesses of Mobile Streaming Applications

Streaming video, audio, and multimedia make 63% of the internet traffic and 44% of this traffic stand for mobile. Streaming

Mobile Test Automation: whim or demand?

The shift of different industries to mobile makes the mobile segment one of the most promising consumer IT fields. According

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Best Practices of Test Case Creation in JIRA 0

“What” and “how” questions take about 30% of the testing process. A good test case covers these questions considerably reducing the time spent on them. To perform its main functions,

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