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Does Your Project Need a Test Plan? 0

In order to structure and organize the testing process, the accepted practice is to create testing plans. A testing plan is considered to be a document which describes scope and

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The Meaning of Functional Testing In Software Project. Part II 0

Some traditional white-box testing techniques may also be adapted to conduct black-box testing, such as control-flow and data-flow testing for external functional units instead of for internal executions. Black-box testing

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Configuration Management in Software Testing 0

Configuration management is the detailed recording and updating of information for software and hardware components. Components are not only source code. It can also be tracking of modifications for software

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The Basis of Acceptance Test Plan Preparation 0

In any software testing project the acceptance document is basically prepared using the certain inputs. But this can vary depending on organization and project. Here are the most general inputs

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Basics of Software Testing Policy 0

This item is very important to check whether you can independently set up testing teams. Many organizations still suppose that software testing is subsidiary. In this case a good testing

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Control, Monitoring and Estimation in Software Testing 0

Software Testing Control Clarifies that the re-allocation of resources are essential (for example, modifications to the test time-table, test environments, quantity of software testers and so on). Software Testing Monitoring

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