Agile Testing

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10 Characteristics of a Perfect Agile Specialist 0

Each organization starts from its leader, and software testing company is not an exception. Under agile testing conditions, an idea of the perfect manager has been permanently undergoing changes. Despite

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How Agile Testing Differs Traditional One 0

Agile testing – a modern word in the context of software development cycle. Any software testing company tries to cultivate the feeling of the distinct importance among the test team

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How Use Cause-Effect Graphing in Agile Testing? 0

Any QA company tries to follow the agile principles in its activity as modern ever-evolving technologies force to perform the set tasks fast and qualitatively. Agile testing presupposes not only the

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Agile Team: Types of Self-management 0

Any modern software testing company tries to establish the principles of the agile methodology in its activity. With regard to some peculiarities of such technique, it may be not so

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Scrum, Kanban and XP: Similarities and Differences 0

Agile software methodology is characterized by its advance and serialization, when it comes to software testing or mobile testing. And every cycle stage, usually in 2-4 weeks, should be ended

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Improve Your Pro-level with Agile Testing Techniques 0

While the agile approach to software testing is booming, each of the professional testers should permanently increase his knowledgeability and software testing careers. There are three main features of the

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