QA Management

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5 Ways to Fulfil Effective Communication 0

Performing any kind of tests, whether it is alpha testing or beta testing, manual checking or automation, functional testing or load control, stress-testing or user interface checking a tester should

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5 Myths of Retrospective Meeting 0

A lot has been said about the retrospective meeting and its meaning in the software testing company activity. It was revealed that such kind of discussion of the done work

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3 Inherent Parts of Constructive Meeting 0

Meeting – a kind of brainstorming tool for every QA company. Its usage maintains the collective work of a team and always helps to provide the systematization of the available data

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Scrum, Kanban and XP: Similarities and Differences 0

Agile software methodology is characterized by its advance and serialization, when it comes to software testing or mobile testing. And every cycle stage, usually in 2-4 weeks, should be ended

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Testers and Developers: Together in Sorrow and Joy 0

A lot of companies encounter a problem of insufficient cooperation between software testing and development teams. Moreover, some senior testers and programmers may even add fuel to the flames and

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Building a Testing Team like It Is a Sports Team 0

There many similarities between sports and software product testing or mobile testing. Just like a sports team during important tournament, a testing team in the midst of performing functional testing

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