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How We Test Educational Apps for Kids? (Spoiler: we use it as a kid, remember about adults, and never forget we are testers)

These days kids are quick at mastering mobile phones and computers. Such skills are switching from “nice-to-have” to a necessity. Parents have already measured this and even found how to

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How to Test a Messenger App

How does testing a messenger differ from testing other types of apps? How would a comprehensive checklist for QA of a messaging app look like? What types of testing are

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Top 5 Challenges of Mobile Test Automation

With the average smartphone owner using at least 10 apps per day and almost 3 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store, enterprises need to release high-quality,

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How Independent Testing Saves the Day for Gaming Apps

As much as game developers are passionate about what they create, gamers are straightforward about their opinions on games. Fortunately or not, the number of downloads from AppStore and Google

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What is better: Test Emulators or Real Devices 0

This article was updated in June 2021. The modern market of devices expands every day, and it can be challenging for both developers and testers. Specifics and differences in characteristics

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