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How Can a Freelancer Win Clients’ Confidence? 0

Nowadays freelancing is popular in various fields. Many freelance testers are looking for a job online. Competition between providers services in game testing, web site testing, e-commerce testing is high.

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Tips on Working With Popular Sites for Freelance Testers 0

Many mature experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing started their careers as freelance testers at sites like,, Sites of that type help

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How to Make a Software Development Project Effective? 0

At present many different people work at a software development project. It involves programmers, experts in manual and automated testing, domain knowledge specialists, managers, etc. Unfortunately, all these people are

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How to Make a Software Testing Process Profitable? 0

It is a common knowledge that a good test engineer can find software bugs in any application, even in the one that is considered to be of high quality and

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QA at Late Dev Phase: points to consider 0

Often software producers underestimate importance of software testing and do not acknowledge it as a significant and integral part of a development process. In order to save time and money

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Top 10 Software Bugs Making Customers Leave a Site 0

My father is a department manager in one of rather big and well-known Ukrainian banks. Recently he asked me to do a little research of the rivals on the market.

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