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Automated Testing

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Should you build your own test automation framework? 0

If you decide to apply test automation, two options are available – to develop your own framework or to use the ready one. Wrong decision may screw up the whole project. The matter is that there is no universal principle that clearly shows when you need to build your own

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How to automate web testing with manual QA team? 0

Automation helps to accelerate testing activities, to ensure wider test coverage and to improve quality of the final product. You

Test Automation in Agile Environment 0

According to Agile methodology, all processes should be fast and iterative, and test automation solves this problem. The implementation of

Top Test Automation Tools to Choose 0

Development of own framework for test automation can be rather a challenging task. But, fortunately, there is a number of

What tool to use for test automation in 2017? 0

According to the Gartner report Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation, by 2020 Selenium WebDriver will become a standard tool

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Big Data

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Big Data Invasion: Who will Survive 0

According to Grazitti Interactive, a marketing technology company, 90% of the data in the world has been created in last 2 years. Besides, in 2020 1,7 megabytes of new data are expected to be created every second by every person. Numbers are really huge. Even now data is everywhere and

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Compatibility Testing

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How to Perform Compatibility Testing of a Mobile Software Product? 0

Performing mobile application testing as well as desktop testing and web site testing it is necessary to see how the tested system operates on various devices, platforms, with different software. Nowadays there are a great deal of tablets, smartphones and mobile phones. Mobile devices of various manufacturers have different sizes

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How to Reduce Costs Performing Compatibility Testing? 0

In order to perform compatibility testing thoroughly a software testing company must use end-user configurations of hardware and software. The

What Is the Foremost Issue for Successful Compatibility Testing? 0

It is well-known that compatibility plays an important role in user acceptance of the application. For this reason any software

Distinctive Features of Game Testing Process 0

In modern world the game industry has carved out its own niche in the global economy. At an early stage

Identifying of the Platforms to Test on 0

Nowadays many software testing companies organize their web site testing activities using a listing of platforms and browsers specifying some

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Configuration Testing

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The Main Emphasis of Software Testing Activities 0

The correctness perspective of quality can be described by different reliability measures or bug-related items. Consequently, all the testing related topics had this fundamental perspective, that is, to reach high-reliability or low-defect purposes. Nevertheless, there are different other focuses of quality and related attributes, which can be addressed by other

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Configuration Management in Software Testing 0

Configuration management is the detailed recording and updating of information for software and hardware components. Components are not only source

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Exploratory Testing

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Exploratory Testing: Features and Appliance 0

The testing types list seems to be endless and, moreover, some of them have very similar characteristics. Many “green” testers cannot realize the fine line between ad-hoc testing and exploratory testing, for example, or divide usability testing from user interface testing. Exploratory testing – the category of testing, distinguished by

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The Mystery of Exploratory Testing 0

In software testing sphere, there is an interesting suggestion that every checking type is actually exploratory testing. To find out

Why is Exploratory Testing Underestimated? 0

Many different types of testing have been elaborated recently. They allow to streamline and order a testing process, concentrate on

What Should One Know About Exploratory Testing? 1

People have different opinions about exploratory testing. It is not always included in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site

When Is It Good to Apply Exploratory Testing? 0

For each mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing test-procedure must be carefully elaborated basing on the application requirements.

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Functional Testing

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Unit vs Integration vs Functional Testing 0

There are various types of software testing and the QA specialists should be aware of their specific features and different peculiarities. If the test is engaged in mobile testing, then he should know how to execute performance testing of mobile apps, security testing of mobile systems, etc. All these software

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What are Goals and Bonuses of Functional Testing? 1

None of the software products can be of 100% quality without the previously performed functional testing. This means that before

What Tests do Often Help to Discover Functional Software Errors? 0

Quality software testing can be performed only by skilled specialists with out-of-the-box thinking, ability to see the same situation from

How to Make Functional Testing Fruitful? 0

It is of common knowledge that functional testing is one of the most important activities in quality assurance. It is

Distinctive Features of Game Testing Process 0

In modern world the game industry has carved out its own niche in the global economy. At an early stage

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Game Testing

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QA in Game Industry: how to enforce fun with quality 0

Quality is of importance for every software development procedure, and the game industry is not an exception. To ensure a high quality of software, three levels / types of activities are performed. They are Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and testing. Testing is the procedure of issue detection. The

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How has Virtual Reality changed game testing? 1

Several years ago VR (Virtual Reality) has blown up the entertainment market and now it is considered to be one

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Interesting Facts

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Artificial Intelligence: adoption and obstacles 0

2018 is a year of Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. They attract a lot of attention including media coverage making companies to explore and adopt AI technologies. Time to turn talks into action has already come. AI is very prospective, and it opens new opportunities for different business.

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Internet of Things: why projects fail 0

In 1988, the article published in New York Times said that in future people would be able to put the

How fitness trackers measure your sleep 0

Sleep is critical for human health. The scientific researches have proved that the lack of sleep for a long time

Are Chatbots Worth Venturing? 0

Basing on the research conducted by VentureBeat, the news and research source, more than 50% of customers expect 24 /

The magic of fitness trackers: how they work 2

How does a wearable tracker on your wrist measure your daily steps, activity, and burnt calories? How does it know

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Mobile Application Testing

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Ready, Set, Go! How fitness apps became our coaches? 0

Do you go in for sports? Visit a gym or go to pilates at least a couple of days a week? Do you have a fitness tracker? Or is there any fitness application installed on your smartphone? In the majority of cases, the answer will be “yes”. Starting from 2014,

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How to Create a Mobile App that Definitely Fails? 0

According to the Mobile App Report performed by comScore Inc, a digital measurement and analytics company, 65,5% of US smartphone

Mobile presence – whim or demand? 0

Do you have a mobile version of your website or the application you developed? If not, then it is the

Effective Mobile Application Testing 1

The test team conducts different types of software testing in order to detect and remove the crucial system bugs. Each

5 Open-Source Mobile App Security Testing Tools 0

To secure mobile applications from various attacks is not a simple task. Modern programs and apps pass thorough security testing

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Why QA Companies Use the Offshore-onsite Model 0

Globalization has reached different spheres of life and IT is not an exception. Each business tries to reduce costs and derive more benefit. To reach these aims, the companies apply an offshore model. Onsite offshore model is the most popular way of working under agile development conditions. Software testing is

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When Apply to Software Testing Company? 0

Defect prevention actions including different methods and techniques are very useful at the beginning of the software development process because

What to Choose: an Outsourcing Software Testing Company or In-house Test Team? 0

Outsourcing software testing companies can be helpful and profitable for system in general and software project in particular. Classes of

Bugs in Software Products 0

Nowadays, the service of software testing and outsourcing testing becomes very popular. Software testing company realizes testing to verify the

“Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”: The volume of IT outsourcing services provided in Ukraine has grown by a factor ten 0

Over the last eight years, the volume of software development and IT outsourcing services the Ukraine has provided has grown

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Performance Testing

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How to verify performance of mobile games? 0

Statistics shows that mobile gaming market continues its fast and dynamic growth. According to Mediakix, a marketing agency, nearly 800,000 mobile games are available on App Stores. And 62% of people install a mobile game within a week after getting a new smartphone or tablet. Besides, Newzoo, an analytical company,

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Performance Testing: how to detect system bottlenecks 1

The main aim of performance testing is to detect performance bottlenecks that can cause negative user experience and even software

HP LoadRunner vs HP Performance Center 0

Both these tools are used for performance testing, and both they are developed by one company – HP. But Performance

The Notion of Soak Testing 0

Soak testing is a kind of performance testing that is applied in order to check whether the system can withstand

The Basis of Performance Testing 0

There were many articles, describing the core of performance checking during test activity. Now it is time to look at

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Press Release

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“Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”: The volume of IT outsourcing services provided in Ukraine has grown by a factor ten 0

Over the last eight years, the volume of software development and IT outsourcing services the Ukraine has provided has grown by a factor ten, according to the “Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry” report, just published by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, leading association of Ukrainian software development and IT outsourcing companies. In

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Direct And Indirect Quality Measures 0

To reach the quality assurance objects it is necessary to identify where we are and what we should do to

Planning Of Quality Assurance Activities 0

Pre-QA quality planning comprises setting quality purposes and quality assurance strategy. There are common phases: 1. Setting quality purposes by

Quality Engineering and Quality Improvement Paradigm 0

Quality improvement can be achieved with the help of measurement, analysis, feedback and organizational support. Such structure is called quality

Comparison of Verification & Validation and Quality Assurance View Points 0

Most quality assurance activities which are carried out directly in the software development process can be classified as verification activities,

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Regression Testing

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6 Effective Ways to Perform Regression Testing 1

After performing software testing, reporting bugs and their fix regression testing should be executed. Its aim is to find defects of the software after code modifications or the product release. Besides, software testing company checks whether the application’s new version is better than the previous one. Tips on how to

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Types of Regression Testing 0

While checking a particular software product, the specialists of software testing company perform different types of tests: automated test scripts,

What Are the Cons of Regression Testing? 0

If there are any modifications of the code or changes of some features, then regression testing is performed. This type

4 Common Myths About Regression Testing 0

Every day new information technologies continue to emerge: mobile and desktop applications, games, complex websites. Thereafter, software testing company has

Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing 0

In software testing company, the specialists perform different software testing types. There are some checking types that resemble each other.

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Security Testing

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Penetration Testing: zero in on security 0

Penetration testing or pentesting evaluates security system of a ready software. Its main goal is to detect potential vulnerabilities by simulating malicious attacks. Pentesting helps to improve software security basing on test results. To minimize risks of data corruption, penetration tests are executed in a copy of production environment as

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Data Breaches: why to watch your back 0

In 2018, cybersecurity still remains a stumbling rock. Last year showed that hackers’ attacks became more sophisticated. In comparison to

How spammers get your data from health and fitness apps? 0

Do you have a health and fitness application installed on your smartphone? Do you monitor your sleep cycles, count calories

Forget the password? Then scan your finger 0

How do you unlock your smartphone? Do you enter the password or use fingerprint authentication? How do you confirm a

Can cyber security culture ensure hacker’s wipeout? 0

Recent successful cyber attacks force to change the attitude to cyber security culture that is closely connected with the company’s

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Selenium 2 makes automation debugging easier 0

One of the parts of Selenium 1.0 that I never enjoyed was debugging automation that didn’t work. I had to faff about creating custom Firefox profiles with Firebug installed and set to go through a proxy. Selenium 2 makes all of that so much easier. With the code below, my

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Selenium Auto Accept Self Signed SSL Certificates and Basic Authentication 1

One of my biggest annoyances and unresolved issues with Selenium is the self signed SSL certificates. This was a huge

Running Selenium Server Using Custom Firefox Profile 0

Let’s create custom firefox profile at first: 1. Close all running copies of firefox 2. Start => Run 3. Type

Interview Questions of Selenium 0

1.    What is the difference between an assert and a verify with Selenium commands? 2.    What Selenese commands can be

E-mail Distribution of Test Results Obtained from Selenium + TestNG 12

If you have to run a bunch of automated tests using Selenium + TestNG, the results of running the tests

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Software Testing and Quality

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Testing within one project: what to verify first? 0

What to test first – software functionality, reliability or security? What aspects to verify in order to ensure a successful product release? What testing types to perform at projects with limited budget and fixed release date? Will omitted usability and GUI testing affect user experience? The article is called to

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Why quality of your website defines its success 0

The digitalization of markets transforms a website into a business card of every company and service. Apart from that, as

Software Testing: add the secret sauce to your solution 0

For companies to ensure a smooth and successful software release, a high quality is a must. Testing is called to

Verify your idea – run a pilot project 0

The world of business does not forgive ill-conceived actions. Only thorough planning and well thought-out strategies can ensure the business

Independent testing: how to ensure a quick project start? 0

In current market conditions, a quick project start plays a critical role in ensuring a product success. But, unfortunately, to

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Software Testing Humour

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Rules for Effective Software Development and Testing 0

To become successful any software testing company should find a balance between cost and revenues. Budgets and revenues apply not only to the period of the development and testing, but to the whole lifecycle of the application. 5 Advices on How to Make Software Testing and Development More Effective: Keep

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7 Tips on How to Plan Your Mobile Testing 2

If you plan to conduct any type of software testing, the first thing you should do is plan it. We

Mobile Testing Overview: What Is a Mobile Application and How Can It Be Classified? 0

A good software testing company performs various types of software testing. Perhaps the most widespread and conducted of them is

The History of Software Testing Development 0

Nowadays due to the rapid development of technology, there is an increased interest towards software testing professionals. A good software

Centralized Approach to Implementing Usability into Your Company 0

There are companies that are familiar with usability and work with it on a regular basis. Here usually may belong

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Software Testing Services

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Is software testing a waste or a benefit? 0

Is testing a waste or the way to guarantee a proper quality of software? Nobody wants to pay extra money for testing services that may only confirm that software operates as you planned without any critical issues. In such a case you will consider testing a waste. You have hired

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Can a dedicated QA team screw up testing? 0

Can a universal QA team provide a proper testing of different software products including online shops, games, websites, and mobile

5 Reasons to hand your testing over to dedicated team 0

The current market trends and tendencies require more complicated and sophisticated software products that will meet international standards. Besides, they

Why users say ‘adios’ to your financial applications? 0

The research conducted by QualiTest Group, an independent software testing company, said that only one in ten users of financial

Cloud Testing: don’t let the cloud turn to ‘thunder’ 0

Generating new traffic, providing new services to be sold and increasing the profit, the cloud grows fast and requires new

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Software Testing Theory

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New Books For Every Software Tester to Read 0

As new IT trends appear every year, and new software development practices are constantly evolving, the field of software testing also adjusts its techniques and approaches to the current requirements of the IT industry. Self-education and self-development are of importance for every specialist, especially ones engaged in software delivery. There

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How to Stop Annoying Project Team with Improper Test Cases? 0

Properly designed test cases promote the creation of top-quality products and solutions by increasing the productivity and work efficiency of

Why Is It Worth to Choose Software Tester Career? 0

Many of the modern professions are connected to IT. There is no point to deny the fact that software has

Hacking: Pluses and Minuses 0

Nowadays hacking is rather popular. Some people are engaged in hacking activity because of personal illegal profit, using confidential or

Does Your Project Need a Test Plan? 0

In order to structure and organize the testing process, the accepted practice is to create testing plans. A testing plan

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Testing Tools

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What tool to use for test automation in 2017? 0

According to the Gartner report Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation, by 2020 Selenium WebDriver will become a standard tool for automated functional tests. But in fact, Selenium is already considered to be a standard tool for web testing automation. So, the vendors have to implement tools like Selenium now

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Tools for Responsive Design Testing 0

The web market increases every day and new technologies are applied during their creation. Rather often, the end users face

The Specifics of Selenium Grid 2 0

The specialists of software testing company use different tools for automated testing of software product. There tools for specified checking

How to Handle a Bug in JIRA? 0

While performing different types of software testing (functional checking, load testing, usability checking, security testing, etc.), the specialists of a

What Is the Aim of Testing Tools? 0

To check the complex and multilevel systems within a limited period of time, the test team usually uses different tools

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The Mystery of NFC: when, how, and what for? 0

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. It has much in common with WiFi and Bluetooth that are called to transmit information. NFC technology is based on RFID (Radio-frequency identification) invented in 1983 by Charles Walton according to the recorded patent. RFID is based on inductive coupling / electromagnetic

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Security Testing Tools You Need to Know About 0

The statistics of cyber attacks of the recent years shows that hackers broke 1061 blogs and websites in 2015 and

What Is API Testing? 0

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of ready-to-use classes, functions, procedures, etc., that are provided by the application in

JUnit vs TestNG 0

Usually, in order to conduct thorough and detailed software testing, the specialists use special tools and frameworks. It can be

Relational Database Testing 0

Usually, database testing is neglected at all or conducted formally without any detalization. But this software testing procedure is an

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Usability Testing

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Positive UX – how to make wow effect simple 0

Do you return home if you forget your phone on a table? Can you live at least one day without any gadget or PC? According to the report made by iPass in 2011, more than 60% of mobile workers sleep with their phones. In 2015, the magazine Fortune said that

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GUI Testing vs Usability Testing 0

Some software testing types have much in common. It is important to distinguish the peculiarities of execution procedure of such

Mobile Applications and Usability Testing Contrivances 0

Software product testing has long ceased to be a novelty and now almost any software goes through a series of

Deceptive Opinion on Usability Testing 0

Sometimes employees of the software testing company are faced with incomprehensible, illogical applications, many functions and uses of which are

On What Should One Rely Performing Usability Testing? 0

Perception of usability is rather subjective, as what is nice and pleasant for one person may seem ugly and irritating

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